Saturday, May 23, 2009

o değil de...

Merhaba dünyalılar,

Bir zamanlar yazmış olduğum kısa bir öykü. Dili İngilizce, İngilizce bilmeyenler de bi zahmet öğrensinler bu vesileyle, onlar için de hayırlı olur.

This is a true story about two perfectly normal human beings and one perfectly normal dog, which happened sometime between the big bang -which made the universe possible- and the other even bigger bang -which will instantly unmake universe-. And unfortunately names of these perfectly normal three earthlings are forgotten. Anyway, in a day like anyday, Mrs and Mrs -whatever their names are- were taking their dog -let us just call it... dog- to their morning walk. They took the usual path throught the park at their neighbourhood, they've seen their neighbours -as usual- who were also walking their own dog. Then they've seen the same joggers that they see every day. And they kept walking as usual. Then they walked more, of course that was nothing unexpected. But landing of a spaceship from Zoltarion expedition force, which had the mission to make contact with the intelligent species which they had studied before, was exceptionally unexpected. The dog was nearly as surprised as Mr and Mrs Whatever. But the Zoltarions were really ready for this day. They've long studied the complex and strange language of the earthlings, and then they made their first attempt to make first contact with the earthlings: they barked. Yes highly intelligent members of long lasting Galactic Zoltar civilisation have made first contact with the earthling which is a dog whose name is forgotten by now. After Mr and Mrs whatever got over the first shock they have tried to communucate with the zoltarians. Normally all Zoltarion expedition force members, who was stationed at this part of solar system, have studied the basic language of earthlings named humans. So Mr and Mrs whatever managed to make some conversation with Zoltarians. And at that perfectly normal day, the strangest thing was not the walk Mr and Mrs took with their dog, nor it was the landing of a Zoltarian spaceship, but it was the reason why the zoltarians tried to make contact with the dogs. Yes Mr and Mrs whatever was really surprised to hear that, after years of researcing and studying Zoltarians decieded that the dominant speices of the planet XPT-1239754038 -which is also known as Earth- were dogs. After watching humans and dogs which are taking walks at parks, and seeing that dogs walking to anywhere they desire and crabing where ever they please, whenever they desire, and then humans picking their crap. Looking at this they've naturally decieded that the dogs were the dominant species of the planet XPT-1239754038. And for everyone that was a strange even bizarre occasion which happened at a perfectly normal ordinary day.

Reader opinions about this story:

"Two thumbs up"
-Recep Tayyip Erdoğan-

"An extraordinary masterpiece"
-Douglas Adams-

"I've read this story and my life has changed..."
-Orhan Pamuk-

"After i read the story, i realized that i'm not alone in this planet."
-Stephen Hawking-

"Force is strong with you young O.D.C."
-Darth Vader(A.K.A. Anakin Skywalker)-

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